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Vitamin Water

This guy rules.  If I ever go to Japan, I want to meet him.  We found some videos he’d made a while ago, reviewing electro music equipment, like vocoders.  But he also stretches to reviewing yogurt and now… vitamin water.

Edinburgh Festival Busy Bees

After a nasty start to the weekend, when we discovered that some drunk gits had let down our front bike tyres whilst they were stowed in the luggage area on the train, things have been looking up. We made it to my favourite restaurant David Bann last night, and ate nice soup, and in between these we squeezed in 9 shows, and very good they were too.

Here’s our dessert at David Bann…

Origami flowers


I saw this in the paper ages ago, and finally got round to making one of these flowers myself last week.  I followed this video tutorial.  The presenter guy is pretty low-key, but you know its paper folding, not a high impact sport you’re learning here.

Hopefully I’ll get round to making 10 or more, and put them onto a trail of fairy lights like in the picture above.

A Brum Weekend

The weekend started well with a Flying Start 2 unofficial reunion dinner at ours.  Lex made a fantastic apple pie which finished our meal off nicely.  Lovely to catch up with everyone.

Lex cutting her apple pie

Saturday, Ed and I cycled over to Hockley for the Flyover Show headed up by the inspiring Soweto Kinch.  It really was under a flyover, as you can see.  Good vibe and an eclectic mix of music – from hip-hop to verging-on-classical type jazz glockenspiel!

flyover show

cycling through Hockleyflyover show

Today we headed over to catch the last hour of Stan’s Cafe’s 24 Hour Scalextric.  Impressive commentary from James and Craig, who kept it up for the full 24 hours, and were still keeping the crowd entertained with their sometimes hilarious free-associating right up to the final minute.

24 Hour Scalextric

24 Hour Scalextric

24 Hour Scalextric - the commentators

24 Hour Scalextric - the drivers celebrate