The canals of Kings X

Good friend and The Other Way Works founder member Katherine Maxwell-Cook has a show on in London at the moment with her and Sara’s company Little Wonder.

It’s called Vagabond’s Voyage, its on until 20th June, and its part of CPT’s Sprint Festival.  You can book here.

vagabonds voyage

The Belgians

My long-lived obsession with The Belgians (not just any belgians – the theatre group ‘Ontroerend Goed’) is pretty common knowledge.  Having seen their show ‘Internal’ three times, twice in Belgium and once in London, I am borderline stalking them – ok, I am stalking them.

Imagine my excitement when I found my show Black Tonic on the same programme as them – at this year’s Mayfest.  On my last day in Bristol, after Lou and I had hiked all the way up to the Suspension Bridge (which turned out to be well worth the climb), we popped into the Bristol Old Vic to drop a couple of things off.  The Belgians actually arrived to start their get-in as we were sitting in the bar, but I got totally and embarrassingly star-struck and didn’t even manage to go and say hello.

But even I (dedicated fan that I am) couldn’t quite face attending their new show – billed as a debauched teenage party, clothing optional.  Too much of a prude I’m afraid.  From Lyn Gardner’s review below, it seems I needn’t have worried, as the audience apparently don’t get too involved in the nakedness part after all.  But all that standing around the edge of the room like the proverbial wallflower didn’t really tick her boxes, and they came out of it with only a 2 star review.  I think it will take more than that to knock them off the top of every edgy UK venue/festival’s programming list though.


Chic Bike Kit

I came across a great little website today, selling stylish accessories and clothing for the fashion conscious cyclist cyclechic.co.uk. I quite fancy getting hold of the (slightly less chic, if I’m honest, but very practical) rain cape.

I reckon their kit would go pretty well with my retro styled bike – here’s a pic for those who’ve never had the joy of seeing it in real life…