Welcome to Guinnesstown™, Ireland.  Oops, I really mean Dublin, but its easy to get confused.

mmm Guinness

Here’s a few pics from our long weekend in Dublin.

25 Eustace Street, our spectacular house for the weekend. The floors were so wonky I felt like I was still on the ferry.

25 Eustace Street

Just your average holiday rental – here’s Will playing the boudoir piano.


The view from the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar – pretty impressive stuff.  Couldn’t help but think they could have found a million better uses for all the cash they poured into that ‘museum’, which was really a massive advertisement with about 1,000 video screens showing videos of barley fields.

View from the Storehouse Gravity Bar

Here’s Kilmainham Gaol.  This is one of the wings. Its a Panopticon.  All the prisoners were meant to feel they were being watched by an all-seeing eye.  Strangely some of the theory and discourse around the Panopticon actually inspired one of the characters in Black Tonic (Jo – the 300 year old all-seeing blind card-playing criminal) – which might help to explain why audiences found him and that whole scene a bit left-field!


And finally, here’s the Porteous siblings, rarely seen all in the same place at the same time, and even less frequently all holding the same type of drink.  We had a grand time.

Porteous Siblings

On our last night, Ed & I met up with my friend Gary from my MA course at Central all those years ago.  I hadn’t seen him for years, and it was great to find out all his news, including about his theatre company Broken Talkers.

I just about survived the ferry home, through force 8 gales in the Irish Sea.  No photo of that – I was too busy lying down trying to remain zen.  Don’t think I quite achieved that, but at least I didn’t need to make use of the ‘Convenience Bags’ that had been thoughtfully left on every available surface.

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