Homeless Heroes

Saturday, and off to that London for 2 plays in one day.

By coincidence, they both featured a homeless person in the central role.

1. Vagabond’s Voyage by Little Wonder (see my earlier post).

I enjoyed the show a lot – the highlight being a trip through the 800m long Islington Tunnel on a canal boat. Great music and singing, and a gentle introduction to the canal and its community both past and present.  Made me think about how important these wild, quiet, uncommercialised spaces in the middle of cities are.  It’s now finished its run.

2. Mincemeat by Cardboard Citizens

A fantastic show.  I was excited about seeing it, after being so impressed by the last major site-specific show of theirs that I saw – ‘Pericles’.  ‘Pericles’ had been a visual feast – amazing scenography on a big scale – around 6 enormous halls of an industrial warehouse complex.

Mincemeat has a similar feel – the audience member journeys through a handful of different spaces, each scenographically different.  The cast play with performance styles, and the meta-theatrical stuff near the start (which seems a bit naff at first) makes progressively more sense as the production unfolds – the story is all about a man trying to construct his identity.

Some of the performers are really stunning, with an outstanding performance by the protagonist, who really takes you on his journey with him, painfully unfolding his true identity.

It’s on till 12 July.  Go see it.

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