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My article about Robots on Stage in WIRED UK

I’m really pleased with how the piece has come out. Here’s a scan of the article from the September 2011 magazine issue of WIRED UK, and some screenshots of how it appears on their iPad version of the magazine.


Mayfest 2010 Reviews

I wrote a few reviews for theatrebristol.net about shows in this year’s Mayfest. It was a two week feast of theatre.

Here are the links:




Edinburgh Festival Busy Bees

After a nasty start to the weekend, when we discovered that some drunk gits had let down our front bike tyres whilst they were stowed in the luggage area on the train, things have been looking up. We made it to my favourite restaurant David Bann last night, and ate nice soup, and in between these we squeezed in 9 shows, and very good they were too.

Here’s our dessert at David Bann…

Homeless Heroes

Saturday, and off to that London for 2 plays in one day.

By coincidence, they both featured a homeless person in the central role.

1. Vagabond’s Voyage by Little Wonder (see my earlier post).

I enjoyed the show a lot – the highlight being a trip through the 800m long Islington Tunnel on a canal boat. Great music and singing, and a gentle introduction to the canal and its community both past and present.  Made me think about how important these wild, quiet, uncommercialised spaces in the middle of cities are.  It’s now finished its run.

2. Mincemeat by Cardboard Citizens

A fantastic show.  I was excited about seeing it, after being so impressed by the last major site-specific show of theirs that I saw – ‘Pericles’.  ‘Pericles’ had been a visual feast – amazing scenography on a big scale – around 6 enormous halls of an industrial warehouse complex.

Mincemeat has a similar feel – the audience member journeys through a handful of different spaces, each scenographically different.  The cast play with performance styles, and the meta-theatrical stuff near the start (which seems a bit naff at first) makes progressively more sense as the production unfolds – the story is all about a man trying to construct his identity.

Some of the performers are really stunning, with an outstanding performance by the protagonist, who really takes you on his journey with him, painfully unfolding his true identity.

It’s on till 12 July.  Go see it.

The canals of Kings X

Good friend and The Other Way Works founder member Katherine Maxwell-Cook has a show on in London at the moment with her and Sara’s company Little Wonder.

It’s called Vagabond’s Voyage, its on until 20th June, and its part of CPT’s Sprint Festival.  You can book here.

vagabonds voyage

The Belgians

My long-lived obsession with The Belgians (not just any belgians – the theatre group ‘Ontroerend Goed’) is pretty common knowledge.  Having seen their show ‘Internal’ three times, twice in Belgium and once in London, I am borderline stalking them – ok, I am stalking them.

Imagine my excitement when I found my show Black Tonic on the same programme as them – at this year’s Mayfest.  On my last day in Bristol, after Lou and I had hiked all the way up to the Suspension Bridge (which turned out to be well worth the climb), we popped into the Bristol Old Vic to drop a couple of things off.  The Belgians actually arrived to start their get-in as we were sitting in the bar, but I got totally and embarrassingly star-struck and didn’t even manage to go and say hello.

But even I (dedicated fan that I am) couldn’t quite face attending their new show – billed as a debauched teenage party, clothing optional.  Too much of a prude I’m afraid.  From Lyn Gardner’s review below, it seems I needn’t have worried, as the audience apparently don’t get too involved in the nakedness part after all.  But all that standing around the edge of the room like the proverbial wallflower didn’t really tick her boxes, and they came out of it with only a 2 star review.  I think it will take more than that to knock them off the top of every edgy UK venue/festival’s programming list though.


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