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Edinburgh Festival Busy Bees

After a nasty start to the weekend, when we discovered that some drunk gits had let down our front bike tyres whilst they were stowed in the luggage area on the train, things have been looking up. We made it to my favourite restaurant David Bann last night, and ate nice soup, and in between these we squeezed in 9 shows, and very good they were too.

Here’s our dessert at David Bann…

Chic Bike Kit

I came across a great little website today, selling stylish accessories and clothing for the fashion conscious cyclist cyclechic.co.uk. I quite fancy getting hold of the (slightly less chic, if I’m honest, but very practical) rain cape.

I reckon their kit would go pretty well with my retro styled bike – here’s a pic for those who’ve never had the joy of seeing it in real life…

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