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Welcome to Guinnesstown™, Ireland.  Oops, I really mean Dublin, but its easy to get confused.

mmm Guinness

Here’s a few pics from our long weekend in Dublin.

25 Eustace Street, our spectacular house for the weekend. The floors were so wonky I felt like I was still on the ferry.

25 Eustace Street

Just your average holiday rental – here’s Will playing the boudoir piano.


The view from the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar – pretty impressive stuff.  Couldn’t help but think they could have found a million better uses for all the cash they poured into that ‘museum’, which was really a massive advertisement with about 1,000 video screens showing videos of barley fields.

View from the Storehouse Gravity Bar

Here’s Kilmainham Gaol.  This is one of the wings. Its a Panopticon.  All the prisoners were meant to feel they were being watched by an all-seeing eye.  Strangely some of the theory and discourse around the Panopticon actually inspired one of the characters in Black Tonic (Jo – the 300 year old all-seeing blind card-playing criminal) – which might help to explain why audiences found him and that whole scene a bit left-field!


And finally, here’s the Porteous siblings, rarely seen all in the same place at the same time, and even less frequently all holding the same type of drink.  We had a grand time.

Porteous Siblings

On our last night, Ed & I met up with my friend Gary from my MA course at Central all those years ago.  I hadn’t seen him for years, and it was great to find out all his news, including about his theatre company Broken Talkers.

I just about survived the ferry home, through force 8 gales in the Irish Sea.  No photo of that – I was too busy lying down trying to remain zen.  Don’t think I quite achieved that, but at least I didn’t need to make use of the ‘Convenience Bags’ that had been thoughtfully left on every available surface.


I’ve been barely concealing (ok not managing to conceal at all) my jealousy of people nipping off for nice sensible week or two week long summer holidays over the last month.

But I’ve been biding my time, and now, just as ‘back to school’ time approaches, my holiday season begins.  Hooray!

It starts with a long weekend in Dublin, which I’m excited about as I’ve never been to Ireland.  We’re taking the train and ferry (as you’d expect) which turns out to be a total bargain, and for once in my life cheaper than taking the plane! Here’s the details of how to do it on Seat61.

I’ve managed to find us a genuine georgian pad to stay in, complete with ‘boudoir’ piano, courtesy of the Irish Landmark Trust.  We’re going with Ed’s brother and sister, and I’m told that his bro is a pro on the old piano, so I’m hoping for a concert.


Then we’re up to Edinburgh for another long weekend, to check out the festival.  I’ve got a rigorous schedule lined up, but I’m going to make darned sure I squeeze in a visit to David Bann, my favourite veggie restaurant.

Well, that’s it for August.  September and October hold more holiday treats, but more of them later.

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